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Face difficulties with while selecting , color correcting and cropping from large number of images whole data ?

Batch Processing: A Perfect Technique for Faster Photo Editing

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We always aim to make your photo editing experience beyond your expectations. We were brainstorming about the ways to make photo editing efficient and more manageable, and we came across the technique of batch processing, which left us awestruck. With this process, we can work on hundreds of pictures at once. Whether it is to add some filters to all the images or take the best one out from a lot of thousand clicks, the lightroom photo editor proved to be the best editing app. This app can do all that a professional photographer may need to get perfectly edited pictures in less time. We receive raw data or in the form of a lightroom catalog, whatever is comfortable for the client. The images sent to us for editing can be infinity.The app, lightroom editor, we use to edit pictures are highly experience, efficient and expensive, for give the best quality results.

We are here for you to do all these things:-

  • Selecting/Culling
  • Color Correction
  • Cropping
  • Adding Effects
  • Adjusting lights etc.
  • We use lightroom for all these work.
    We work make your images Natural-looking and amazing results are guaranteed

The monitors we use are of high quality and calibrated for which costly software such as SpyderX Pro is used. The main reason behind using such expensive services is to give 100% accurate and satisfactory work to our clients. Mostly we deal with the Hindu and Jewish communities. We do weddings, Bar mitzvah, Bat mitzvah, Engagement, and all kinds of photo and video work, etc. We are a professional Online wedding photo editing company with significant clients in the USA, Israel, Australia, Paris, UK. The market knows us for our low price and high quality.

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The services generally demanded by our clients include:

  • Cooling/selection: If you have thousands of clicks of an event but don’t have time to sort out perfect amongst them, don’t worry, we got you covered. Light-room is the app we use to choose the best images from the bulk pictures you send us within no time.
  • Color Correction :- After Selection perfect images we do color correction. White balance will perfect in all cases, we use different techniques for color correcting images and we have very experience editors who can take care all kinds of bad or good images 
  • Cropping: Your pictures are not in the proper frame, or there are many unwanted elements which reduce the grace of your photos, but you are short of time, Graphiano is at your service. We can deal with bulk images sent by you and make them look beyond perfect.
  • Creative editing: We have expensive, customized filters on our list. We use them to add a tinge of magic to your pictures according to the preference of our clients.
  • Skin Smoothening: We give these services only to the clients who provide us with the raw data. For all other work, the application we use is light-room, but If anyone wants skin smoothness than we need raw images for that

We promise to provide our services in the minimum period, minimum prices, and maximum quality.

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Original Image
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Original Image
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Why you need batch processing services?

Because Photographer clicks lots of images in on the event and out of those images, some images not perfect, lightings are not good, people not looking at the camera, etc. For removing those problems you need Batch processing work for providing the best quality work for your clients. And that’s why we are here for you. You can read all the above points where you wrote about our work and process.
We provide fast and creative work to you so that your client will be happy and you will get more work from your knows. And if you will not like anything about editing you can just tell us we will do again that job without any cost until you will feel that these images are perfect.

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