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This is one of the best and creative service we provide. If you want to change heads, background, drawing , adding different kinds of effects etc. we all cover those things.

Why do Professional Photographers need Photo Manipilation Services?

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Levelling up is the only criteria to stand out loud, so is the criteria with the pictures you show to the world. Your pictures say a lot about you and to make them perfect story tellers for you is our only work. These days technology has changed the perspectives of how people see the world and photoshop has emerged out to be the game changer for this editing industry. Whether it is about changing the entire shot, enhancing it, adding or removing any object, photoshop is the only answer. Photo Manipulation is the work of both brain and creativity which means technical Manipulation and creative Manipulation of the photographs. Technical retouch refers to giving various background changes, correcting sharpness, making adjustments etc. Creative photo manipulation refers to adding elements to the pictures, making them unique and eye-catching. Both of the elements make the pictures unique and attract the people towards themselves at the single look.

Basic services included under photo Manipulation are:

  • Editing the composition of the photographs.
  • Adding or removing various objects.
  • Removing the watermarks.
  • Giving basic retouches to the images.
  • Giving basic retouches to the images.
  • Changing the background
  • Putting innovative and unique elements to the pictures.
  • Addition of the vintage effects.
  • Converting the pictures to sketches or cartoons.
  • Merging of various pictures.
  • Changing the position of the head
  • Digital drawings
  • Addition of various effects
  • Changing some elements of face and body.
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Original Image
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Original Image
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Original Image
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